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Camille Orlandini was born in 1994 and grew up in the Paris region.

She sees her practice of design as a space for exchange, a creator of links, with the question of the living at its core. Food, matter, form and territory respond to each other, dialogue and confront each other.

Through the design of her objects and creations, she questions gestures, touch and taste.

Cooperation is the background of her work, which gives it meaning. She collaborates with rich and varied universes ranging from craftsmanship, agriculture, food-industry or cinema. 

This leads her to work on object design, image or scenography, always in connection with the vital, social and fundamental act of feeding oneself.


Boulangerie Zunic/Le Four à Bois, Senses Brewing, Ferme des 3 Terres, Grand Cru de Batz, Pâtisserie Waïda, Les Films de la Nuit, Fabernovel, Danone, Elodie Daguin, Tiffany Trabado-Maillet, Camille Ferré, Galerie The Window Paris, Studio a2, Kasono Takamura, Omusubi Gonbei...

Camille Orlandini

The houses that I have passed through and that have nourished my practice:

The Paris Opera in the scenery and painting workshop, the Atelier Cumulus in ceramic design with Sabine Orlandini, the Sylvie Amar Partners agency, a reference in global design and brand strategy specialising in gastronomy, or in the kitchen in the restaurant at La Maison du Douanier with Chef Jean-Luc Beaufils. 


Art direction

Product design

Edible scenography

Food stylism

Design set


2018 - DNSEP Design & Culinaire - ESAD de Reims

2016 - DNAP Design - ESADSE École Supérieure d'Art et Design de Saint-Étienne

2013 - MANAA - Lycée Camille Claudel à Vauréal