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I am currently carrying out research as part of my artistic residency in Serres Lez'Arts in the Hautes-Alpes.

What I do is wonder about the ways of eating together in this territory.

Taking a look at the Buëch and how the river shapes the landscape, I went on to explore its riverbank and collect stones, then split them in two with the help of Eugène Pinero Balastegui, a local artist and sculptor, to discover their interiors. The trout, generously offered by Jean-Pierre Choffel, president of the Buëch trout association, are tasted there.

The stacking of pieces at the end seems to be a temporary shaping of the stones, linked to the time of tasting and designed to be redeployed and reshaped, according to the place where it will be integrated, in the artistic path of the village of Serres.

images of the event by Camille Orlandini and Corentin Massaux


Article by Marie Lombard to be found in le Dauphiné :

Picking, photographing, drawing, cooking, talking and of course eating

As part of the "Reg'Arts sur le territoire" residency I am currently developing in Serres Lez'Arts, I organised the first workshops about fermentation and living organisms with the 5th grade students of Serres middle school.

Together, firstly we created a sourdough, we refreshed it and then we baked the bread in the oven. At the same time we drew, discussed and took many pictures.

In May, we will continue the project, starting with a day of wild gathering and goat farming with local professionals.


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