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Histoires Comestibles

Agreements and resonances between culinary gesture and organic material brought back to the Studiogarden Verrewinkel.

This first series of Histoires Comestibles was born out of times of encounters and explorations of the Belgian territory and the different atmospheres felt in these places, marked by their respective histories.


During this month of immersion in the Studio, I developed research and experimentation in complementary ways, both in the kitchen and in the atelier. On the occasion of the end of my residency, I presented my work during a tasting time around these first three Histoires Comestibles, in Olivier Strebelle's former studio.

designer in residency at Studiogarden Verrewinkel - February 2021


Art direction 

Food design


Histoires Comestibles-Mons/Hornu_Camille

Mons/Hornu - burnt shortbread

Histoires Comestibles-Ostende_Camille Or

Ostende - frozen fermented kiwi fruit

Histoires Comestibles-Verrewinkel_Camill

Verrewinkel - fermented beet crisps

pictures of the event @Ivanne Boucaut and @Camille Orlandini

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