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Itinerant Project

This design project consists into creating new relationships, discovering the professional men and women who shape the raw ingredients required to produce bread. It is articulated into different parts, ie. Photographic close-up analysis of the various textures of the ingredients involved in bread making, videos putting forward the original products, the lands they come from, the know-how of the professional women and men and their own individual stories.

A moment of research and development in bakery and brewery provides an opportunity to create a bread making encounter experience. This poetic form of ingredients transformation comes from technical and organoleptic researches on yeast, the essence of bread itself, which influences the taste and the growing of it. The close relationship between beer and bread came from their joined history. 2000 years BC, in Mesopotamia, beer and bread were the two main basic ingredients in the Egyptian diet. They are both originating from food grains, transformed by a fermentation process. As a Culinary Designer, it is this relationship I was interested to explore, first through in-depth researches on the various beer yeasts, then through this very bread which later becomes beer again.

Project from DNSEP at ESAD from Reims, France. With the collaboration of Christophe Zunic, Baker, Yves Leboeuf, Brewer, Dorothée Patin, Farmer-Miller

and Cédric Pennarun, Salt worker

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