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The bread is a basic, a poetic and a highly political topic, all at the same time. Even though bread is a food which implies value of sharing, know-how and commensality transmission, its consumption is today contentious. How come people can become intolerant to such basic food as bread? What did the bread become at the age of industrial production, and what are the stakes to own this food again today?

I looked into the work of some professionals who are taking back ownership of this food and its production through disrupted classic channels, and are forward looking into the future. Some interviews introduce each part of this research. Casted as contemporary activities portraits in the bakery craftsmanship, these interviews provide structure and articulate the socio-economical and anthropological approach to bread in my work.

Writing, layout and binding

Interviews avec Frédéric Pichard, La Maison Pichard, Jean Bonnefille, Boulange Palabres, Rachid, La Conquête du Pain, Domitille Flichy, Farinez-vous and Maxime Bussy, Le Bricheton.

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